Winegrowing in the Massís del Garraf. Small family winery in Olivella (Barcelona).


At Masia de la Roqua we find a strong reflection of the Mediterranean climate. Receiving on average 450 mm of rain per year, we are clearly below the levels of nearby villages. Summers are hot, but the breeze, caused by the close proximity to the sea (8km), helps cool down the air at night and creates significant contrasts between night and day.


Winters are chilly, with temperatures usually below 0ºC early in the morning. Precipitation is frequent but in small quantities.


During spring we experience a phenomenon that severely complicates winegrowing. We refer to the “late frosts”, also called spring frosts. Our location, influenced by the close proximity of the Begues and Pelagons streams, suffers from low temperatures early in the morning during spring, usually below 0ºC. At that time, if the vines have already sprouted, this can cause severe damage to the plant and a significant reduction in our yields that year, and even the next one.